Our services include:

  • Risk management workshops
  • Risk management training
  • Developing risk management strategies
  • Developing strategies to include risk management as part of your business case justification
  • Developing strategies which are aligned with your company goals
  • Working with your team to identify, qualify and quantify your risks
  • Developing risk implementation plans
  • Creating visibility of ongoing management and performance of your risk plans

In today’s world, companies operate in an environment that is constantly changing. Globalisation has exposed many companies to risks not previously considered. Companies are faced with an increasing number of risks that threaten to compromise their competitive advantage.

Risk management is vital to any company’s success. Good corporate governance requires companies to have efficient plans in place to manage risks in order to reduce costs and increase company performance.

Maysen & Borowski Risk can assist companies design and tailor their risk management plan, allowing your risks to be managed in a more efficient and competitive way. Our team of experts has the knowledge to work with companies and design a risk management plan to suit individual company needs.


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